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17 September 2021




Cane Crushing Reaches Half-Way Point

14 September 2021 | Sunshine Sugar

The NSW Sugar Industry has just passed the half-way point for the 2021 cane crush, having enjoyed favourable weather conditions, reliable transport and factory operations and a positive sugar price outlook

To date, the three mills have processed some 850,000 tonnes of locally grown cane.

A relatively warm winter allowed for some additional growth in both 1- and 2-year-old cane and coming into Spring there has been an uplift in CCS, with sugar content performing well above average. More...


Batteries of the future set to be cheaper and better — just by adding sugar

14 September 2021 | ABC

Australian researchers say they've opened the path to a new generation of batteries that could allow an electric vehicle to drive from Melbourne to Sydney on a single charge.

And the crucial ingredient was a spoonful of sugar. More...


Farmers set for $70b windfall

14 September 2021 | Financial Review

Australian farmers are on track to deliver $70 billion of value for the first time, with bumper harvests and higher prices for most commodities outweighing challenges posed by mice plagues and labour shortages. More...

Remembering the fatal train derailment that devastated Finch Hatton 50 years ago

16 September 2021 | ABC

It's a September night in 1971, and a group of men are sitting near a dry creek bed playing cards by lamp light. 

Beside them is the wreckage of a locomotive, upturned and covered in the sugar cane bins it was hauling when it derailed from the bridge above. More...


Sugar subsidy dispute may leave India with bitter taste

17 September 2021 |

India may lose the dispute over its subsidies on sugar exports, which was raised by Brazil, Australia and Guatemala, officials indicated. A World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute panel is likely to announce its verdict in the case by 30 September, they said. More...


Lime and Gypsum Trial

17 September 2021 | SRA

SRA Central District staff have recently collected estimated CCS information from a variable rate lime and gypsum trial that was established by Proserpine Young Farmers last year as part of their "Bringing Precision to Proserpine" project. This information will be combined with tonnage data when the crop is harvested to identify the effects the soil amelioration has had on productivity. Thanks to Sugar Services Proserpine for letting us borrow their maturity trailer. Watch here




Battling biosecurity pests and diseases

15 September 2021 | QFF

Biosecurity incursions are one of Queensland agriculture’s greatest business risks with exotic and invasive pests and diseases having a potentially crippling impact on plant and animal production systems across the state. While Australia’s island status protects the country from exotic pests and diseases to a certain extent, the movement of people and goods around the globe reduces this advantage. As Australia’s frontline biosecurity state, Queensland suffers more than most including from an infestation of fire ants. More...


Farm Check-In App


Are you using the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries’ Farm Check-In app to manage biosecurity risks on your property? New signage templates with QR codes have been developed for agricultural property owners to attach to the farm gate. More...


Growing Queensland’s online agri-food sales capability

14 September 2021 | Queensland Government

The Palaszczuk Government is helping Ipswich and Toowoomba business to upskill producers and suppliers in e-commerce and support agriculture jobs. 

Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard said e-commerce was rapidly expanding, especially during the pandemic, and Queensland businesses needed to be at the forefront of this change. More...

Australia's farmers bounce back thanks to rain, high prices and bad times overseas

17 September 2021 | ABC

In case you hadn't heard, Australian farmers are on track for an absolute blinder. 

 After years of drought, a seemingly relentless mouse plague, a bitter trade war with China and the global pandemic, the farm sector is one part of the economy set for record returns. More...


Australia's farmers on track for record-breaking season easily surpassing $70bn worth of produce

14 September 2021 | ABC

It is official. Australian farmers are having a record-breaking good time.

Government economists at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) now expect the agriculture industry will grow a whopping $73 billion worth of produce this financial year. More...


Farmers sought for electricity tariff talks


Expressions of interest are being sought from Queensland and New South Wales farmers to participate in a Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and University of Queensland research study aiming to better understand how they consider and choose electricity tariffs for their agricultural operations. 

Farmers will undertake a confidential 30-minute phone or Zoom interview with researchers from the University of Queensland during September and October 2021, with participating farmers receiving a $40 gift card. 

Interested farmers are encouraged to complete the Expression of Interest form and upload a recent electricity bill by Friday, 17 September 2021 and a member of the QFF Energy Savers team will be in touch. 

Complete the Expression of Interest form.


$150 million missions to boost Australian agriculture and food sectors

9 September 2021 | CSIRO

The $150 million investment from CSIRO, government and industry will tackle drought, the food export market and growing the protein market. 

CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall said the three missions together aim to capture a $20 billion opportunity for Australian agriculture to extend its position as a world leader. More...


Draft State Infrastructure Strategy

Queensland Government

The Queensland Government is consulting on a Draft State Infrastructure Strategy (SIS) that presents a clear vision of the state government’s infrastructure requirements over the next two decades. It’s also clear about the challenges and opportunities we’ll face over this time. More...



Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
12 Sep 2021 Mossman 367,805 11.98 12.05
12 Sep 2021 Tableland 410,956 14.66 14.19
12 Sep 2021 Mulgrave 672,407 11.34 11.37 
12 Sep 2021 South Johnstone 492,758 11.55 11.49
10 Sep 2021 Tully 1,287,211 12.45 12.71
11 Sep 2021 Victoria 1,284,324 12.79 12.61
11 Sep 2021 Macknade 593,496
11 Sep 2021 Invicta 1,780,511 0.0 14.46
11 Sep 2021 Pioneer 974,186 0.0 14.51
11 Sep 2021 Kalamia 923,833 14.28 14.06
11 Sep 2021 Inkerman 834,658 14.90 14.18
11 Sep 2021 Proserpine 751,578 14.79 14.32
12 Sep 2021 Mackay 2,509,421 14.54 13.61
11 Sep 2021 Plane Creek 698,710 15.21 13.92
12 Sep 2021 Bundaberg 509,191 14.96 13.79
12 Sep 2021 Isis 533,437 14.37 13.59
12 Sep 2021 Rocky Point 102,651 14.35 13.69
12 Sep 2021 Harwood 308,030 12.81 11.88
12 Sep 2021 Broadwater 373,002 13.48 12.24
12 Sep 2021 Condong 248,913 12.97 11.92



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 14 September 2021

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 17 September 2021

Town Sep YTD
Mareeba 19.0810.2
Cairns 11.8 2263.0
Innisfail 97.04286.0
Tully 97.04286.0
Ingham 25.43046.0
Ayr 4.0942.0
Proserpine 13.8981.0
Mackay 5.0987.2
Maryborough 11.6563.2
Ballina 14.61370.6
Yamba 13.41351.6

Queenslanders Get Ready for extreme weather

15 September 2021 | Queensland Government

Queenslanders are being encouraged to prepare for future disasters and severe weather thanks to the $2 million Get Ready Queensland fund. 

From emergency expos and community clean-ups to emergency plans in traditional Indigenous languages, the Get Ready Queensland fund is supporting local communities to better prepare for future extreme weather events. More...


Bureau of Meteorology says La Niña's an even chance to return for a second consecutive spring

15 September 2021 | ABC

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has moved to a La Niña watch, indicating there is now a 50 per cent chance of the rain-bearing climate driver returning this spring.

While that is double the normal chance, there is no guarantee it will eventuate. More...