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23 July 2021




Wilmar Sugar to commemorate 100 years of operation at its Invicta Mill

20 July 2021 | North Queensland Register

Wilmar Sugar is set to commemorate 100 years of operation at its Invicta Mill, with a full day of celebrations scheduled in August.

The Invicta Mill, near the town of Giru, will be marking this milestone on August 19 with a barbeque breakfast for employees, followed by a community night at Giru's Brolga Park featuring a licensed bar, live entertainment, pop up food trucks and amusements for the kids.

Production superintendent at the Invicta Mill, James Wallace said an official ceremony would also be held at the entrance to the mill site from 10am, with a morning tea provided at which time the retired 12-tonne Invicta locomotive would be dedicated and left on permanent display outside the mill.

Mr Wallace said the mill had a special relationship with the town of Giru and it was hoped all of the community would come out to help celebrate the Centenary. More...


Three things with Russell Campbell

19 July 2021 | QSL

Click here for the three things you need to know this week, with QSL Grower Relationship Manager (Burdekin & Herbert River) Russell Campbell.


Job Opportunity: Field Extension Officer

Innisfail Babinda Cane Productivity Services

Innisfail Babinda Cane Productivity Services (IBPCS) is located across the Innisfail and Babinda region and is looking to employ a Field Extension Officer to deliver technical agronomic support to sugarcane growers.  The role involves delivering targeted agronomic advice to improve productivity and profitability outcomes for growers across all aspects of the sugarcane production system. More...


Project wraps up but YCS mysteries remain

21 July 2021 | Mirage News

Industry scientists and growers have worked on the mystery of Yellow Canopy Syndrome (YCS) since it first appeared in 2012 but despite all the effort, major questions remain and more work is needed.

YCS has spread to most of Queensland’s sugarcane districts and sometimes the symptoms are so severe, it has a big impact on a growers’ cane yield and therefore income. More...


Gene editing poised to spark innovation in herbicide- and disease-resistant sugar cane

US | 22 July 2021 | Genetic Library Project

Sugarcane is one of the most productive plants on Earth, providing 80 percent of the sugar and 30 percent of the bioethanol produced worldwide. Its size and efficient use of water and light give it tremendous potential for the production of renewable value-added bioproducts and biofuels. More...


What is bioenergy?

21 July 2021 | Canstar

As the spotlight continues to shine on the benefits of renewable energy, so too does the different types of renewables on offer. While bioenergy is by no means a new source of power, it is by far the slowest coming in its development, leaving many of us unsure of how it works, how much it costs and its environmental benefits. With green energy a major talking point of late, it’s important for consumers to understand where the electricity powering their homes comes from. With this in mind, Canstar Blue has put together a guide, sharing everything you need to know about bioenergy in Australia. More...


Great Barrier Reef in 'recovery' but experts say progress will be threatened by climate-related disturbances

19 July 2021 | ABC

The Great Barrier Reef is experiencing a rare window of recovery due to a break in weather and bleaching events according to the latest observations from marine scientists.

According to the Australian Institute of Marine Science's Annual Summary Report on Coral Reef Condition, which was released today, conditions have been relatively good for coral recovery during 2020-21. More...


Coral Reef Cover

19 July 2021 | Dr Peter Ridd

I’ve posted the coral cover data for a couple of regions of the reef over the last month, and finally AIMS has gone public with a statement released by environment minister Susan Ley associated with UNESCO’s intention to list the reef as “endangered.”

AIMS list the northern, central and southern regions as having 27%, 26% and 39% coral cover respectively. Normalising this for the number of reefs surveyed in each section (54, 53 and 30 reefs respectively), this produces a total average coral cover for the GBR of 28%. More...




Stay safe during National Farm Safety Week

21 July 2021 | QFF

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous sectors to work in due to the combination of hazards including heavy plant and machinery, chemicals, noise, dust, sun and heat exposure, working with animals, alone or in remote locations. According to Safework Australia, factors including long days, little sleep and multiple jobs contributed to 131 injuries and 58 fatalities on Australian farms in 2020. While weather events, family responsibilities, market fluctuations and natural disasters take their toll mentally, with suicide rates are 50 per cent higher in rural communities compared to major cities. More...

Northern Territory's biggest date farm records largest-ever harvest

21 July 2021 | ABC

Over the past four months, the Northern Territory's largest date farm has picked its biggest ever haul of dates, which luckily lined up with the Islamic festival of Ramadan, leading to record sales.

The Desert Fruit Company's Tamara Date Farm, 60 kilometres south-east of Alice Springs, picked more than 20 tonnes from its 700 palms for its 2021 season. More...

New focus on safe farms

19 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

Today as you read this, there is no more dangerous workplace in Australia than a farm.

Not an underground mine, an explosives factory, or even a COVID-19 emergency ward. Think about that for a minute.

More than one in five workers who died at work, worked in agriculture. We make up just 2.6 per cent of the Australian workforce but account for 21pc of workplace deaths. More...


Scientists hand-pick genes for disease-resistant crops

19 July 2021 | Grain Central

Researchers from The University of Western Australia (UWA) have developed tools to identify plant genes resistant to disease-causing fungi and deploy them to create more resistant crops.

It could lead to more productive harvests and reduce the need for farmers to apply fungicide to canola crops, a major export industry for Australia. More...


John Deere removes ongoing costs to use JDLink service

16 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

Farmers running modern John Deere machinery will have more money in their back pocket this year, with John Deere announcing it has removed ongoing costs for its JDLink service.

JDLink is a digital service that collects agronomic and machine data and transfers it to the John Deere Operations Center. More...

Keeping farmers rolling at key times

20 July 2021 | Farm Weekly

The "right to repair" is an important issue for Australian agriculture, and it is necessary to hear the views of all industry stakeholders.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Productivity Commission recently held inquiries into the issue, and these have been a chance for a range of views to be presented. More...


A new online source for biosecurity resources

Australian Government

We are excited to introduce, a new national biosecurity website to support you in finding the biosecurity information you need.

Australia’s biosecurity system is vital for safeguarding our primary industries, environment and communities. Together with state and territory governments, industry and non-government agencies, we have developed this new website to bring together existing biosecurity resources. More...



Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
18 Jul 2021 Mossman 15,614
18 Jul 2021 Tableland 189,135 14.24 13.67
18 Jul 2021 Mulgrave  220,028 11.07 11.03 
18 Jul 2021 South Johnstone 146,903 10.74 10.96
23 Jul 2021 Tully 497,980 12.70 12.40
17 Jul 2021 Victoria 322,920 12.16 12.05
17 Jul 2021 Macknade 143,910
17 Jul 2021 Invicta 833,497 14.48 13.80
17 Jul 2021 Pioneer 436,426 14.38 13.82
17 Jul 2021 Kalamia 410,693 14.09 13.46
17 Jul 2021 Inkerman 335,987 13.86 13.27
17 July 2021 Proserpine 169,609 13.66 13.63
18 Jul 2021 Mackay 915,190
13.13 12.59
17 July 2021 Plane Creek 253,634 13.49 12.75
18 Jul 2021 Bundaberg 132,318 13.17 12.92
Rocky Point
18 Jul 2021 Harwood 102,633 10.39 10.94
18 Jul 2021 Broadwater 136,297 11.10 11.28
18 Jul 2021 Condong 65,977 11.06 10.89



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 20 July 2021

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 23 July 2021

TownJul YTD
Mareeba 3.4 790.2
Cairns 54.42230.0
Innisfail 199.24075.4
Tully 199.24075.4
Ingham 85.12962.9
Ayr 3.2877.6
Proserpine 8.2863.2
Mackay 4.0897.2
Maryborough 48.6529.0
Ballina 99.01327.8
Yamba 81.81324.8