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3 September 2021




Canegrowers hope to be part of the plastic waste solution

1 September 2021 | North Queensland Register

Queensland sugarcane growers have today welcomed the state government's decision to ban the use of many single-use plastic items statewide.

Coming into effect on September 1, the ban is part of Queensland's plan to tackle plastic pollution and follows strong support from the community, retailers and industry organisations.

Following the ban of single-use plastic straws, stirrers, plates, bowls, cutlery and expanded polystyrene takeaway food containers and cups throughout Queensland, cane growers are taking the opportunity to provide a more alternative sustainable solution. More...


Third crushing update for 2021

31 August 2021 | Wilmar Sugar

Today we reached the halfway mark for the 2021 crush. Our factories have collectively processed 7.44 million tonnes of cane, or 50 per cent of the estimated 14.88 million tonne crop. Unfortunately, widespread overnight rain has brought harvesting to a standstill in the Burdekin, Proserpine and Plane Creek regions. Limited harvesting is taking place today in the Herbert. More...


Webinar: Enhanced-efficiency nitrogen fertilisers: Potential benefits and selection of products for sugarcane

9 September 2021 | SRA

Please join us as we hear from Dr Weijin Wang as he presents research findings of the project, Smart Blending of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers (EEFs) to maximise sugarcane profitability. More...

Click here to join on the day.

Sarina producer prepares to convert cane to grazing in a unique way

31 August 2021 | North Queensland Register

Sarina producer Beau North has challenged the norm with his plan to convert 30 hectares of sugar cane to grazing land using regenerative farming practices.

The 68 hectare (167 acres) block west of Sarina was purchased by Mr North and his fiancé Katherine in December last year in their attempt to secure land after a decade of leasing and agisting. More...


Planting for careers in the future

1 September 2021 | CANEGROWERS

The harvest months in the sugar industry are as much about planning for the future crop as they are about cutting mature sugarcane. Similarly, the final months of school are as much about making career and job choices as they are about graduation. More...




Safety must be the foundation for Queensland farms

1 September 2021 | QFF

Queensland farmers bear the important responsibility of ensuring they, their workers and other people on-farm are clear about their health and safety responsibilities and building a safety culture. It’s a duty they take very seriously with the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector recording an average of six fatalities each year between 2015-16 to 2019-20. It was the third highest number of fatalities in Queensland over the same period compared to approximately 59 each year across all Queensland industries. More...

Telehandler Safety Book guides farm safety

31 August 2021 | QFF

A new safety resource is now available for farmers utilising telehandlers on their properties to increase awareness of their machinery’s operation and prevent accidents while in use.

Developed by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF), in conjunction with the Telescopic Handler Association (TSHA), Safe Ag Systems, Holding Redlich and supported by the Queensland Government, the Telehandler Safety Book highlights a range of considerations that serve to improve the ‘state of knowledge’ on telehandler safety. More...


Irrigators lobby for ag energy concerns to be addressed

29 August 2021 | QFF

The National Irrigators' Council continues to lobby hard to ensure energy market is not distorted against big agricultural energy users. The NIC welcomed this week's release of the Energy Security Board's final advice to relevant energy ministers on how a post-2025 market design for the National Energy Market could look. More...


Farmers support new govt agency to spread renewable energy wealth

31 August 2021 | Queensland Country Life

Dozens of community energy groups, along with the National Farmers' Federation, have endorsed a bill that would help regional towns develop their own small-scale renewable projects.

The proposal, put forward by independent Indi MP Helen Haines, to establish the Australian Local Power Agency had its merits examined by a parliamentary inquiry. More...


Hort Innovation puts $28 million into lifting tree crop productivity

1 September 2021 | Farm Online

Almonds, avocados, citrus, macadamias and mangoes will be the first crops to benefit from a major Hort Innovation productivity project. 

The five-year $28 million National Tree Crop Intensification in Horticulture Program aims to give growers the tools needed to produce more fruit and nuts per hectare. More...


Researchers reveal fall armyworm showing no more resistance

26 August 2021 | Good Fruit & Vegetables

A chink may have been found in the armour of fall armyworm with researchers confirming no further genetic resistance to pesticides - other than Group 1 resistance identified in 2020.

A collaboration between the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSWDPI), supported by the Ord River District Co-operative (ORDCO) put through 158 samples collected from maize crops in the Ord River Irrigation Area and Broome. More...


Grain grower Dan’s goal to leave a legacy for future generations

2 September 2021 | Source

Three's a quiet revolution taking place on farms across Australia thanks to people like Dan Fox – one of thousands of Australian farmers taking action on climate change by transforming the health of their soils.

Over the past 20 years Australian farmers have redefined conventional farming methods, with an over-riding focus on soil health allowing farmers to store and sequester large amounts of carbon in their land. More...


Can Human Waste Work as Fertilizer?

27 August 2021 | Modern Farmer

It depends on where you're located, according to a new study.

When we think of using human waste as fertilizer—don’t you?—we tend to think of biosolids. But solids aren’t the only human waste products that could be used in an agricultural setting. More...


Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
29 Aug 2021 Mossman 289,117
29 Aug 2021 Tableland 359,710 14.52 14.10
29 Aug 2021 Mulgrave 577,459  11.71 11.36
29 Aug 2021 South Johnstone 477,669 11.69 11.48
3 Sep 2021 Tully 1,079,148 12.71 12.71
28 Aug 2021 Victoria 1,075,760 12.96 12.56
28 Aug 2021 Macknade 519,464
28 Aug 2021 Invicta 1,758,849 15.35 14.45
28 Aug 2021 Pioneer 949,379 15.44 14.49
28 Aug 2021 Kalamia 878,663 14.68 14.04
28 Aug 2021 Inkerman 774,549 15.22 14.12
28 Aug 2021 Proserpine 651,822 14.95 14.26
29 Aug 2021 Mackay 2,256,511 14.69 13.52
28 Aug 2021 Plane Creek 625,120 15.22 13.78
29 Aug 2021 Bundaberg 422,760 14.42 13.61
22 Aug 2021 Isis 358,135 13.90 13.35
22 Aug 2021 Rocky Point 70,062 13.72 13.42
29 Aug 2021 Harwood 246,647 12.60 11.66
29 Aug 2021 Broadwater 310,294 12.81 12.03
29 Aug 2021 Condong 207,700 12.91 11.76



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 31 August 2021

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 3 September 2021

TownSep YTD
 Mossman5.6 1330.6
Mareeba 18.8 810.0
Cairns 1.2 2252.4
Innisfail 65.04254.0
Tully 65.04254.0
Ingham 16.73037.3
Ayr 4.0942.0
Proserpine 9.4976.6
Mackay 3.2 985.4
Maryborough 0.4552.0
Ballina 0.01356.0
Yamba 1.21339.4

Wet for the east, dry for the west in near ideal spring outlook

27 August 2021 | Farm Weekly

Farmers across Australia got the forecast they wanted to hear when the Bureau of Meteorology released its spring outlook this week. 

 The BOM has predicted a wetter spring across much of the country, music to the ears of grain growers. More...

Australian scientists want to help farmers from space

1 September 2021 | Farm Weekly

Australia wants to muscle in on the space race to keep a closer watch on farmers. 

Plans have been developed to build our own satellites over the next few years which would fine tune the vague pictures of land use relied on today. More...