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16 July 2021




New investments to delivery exciting sugarcane research and development outcomes

12 July 2021 | SRA

Sugar Research Australia has announced the investment in multiple new research projects that will drive productivity, profitability and sustainability in the Australian sugarcane industry.

These new investments have targeted specific areas and issues that require solutions for growers and millers, with the new investments having been selected following a rigorous assessment process over the last few months.

SRA CEO Roslyn Baker said the new investments were aligned to the five Research Missions within SRA’s new Strategic Plan and involved extensive collaboration with investment and delivery partners. More...


Wilmar Sugar applications open soon for their 2022 apprenticeship round

9 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

Wilmar Sugar has announced the opening of applications for their 2022 apprenticeship round this Saturday July 10, calling on the next generation of apprentices to get their resumes ready.

With a variety of jobs on offer, applicants will have the opportunity to choose from apprenticeships in diesel fitting, electrical, fitting and turning, and fabricating trades, to be placed across any one of Wilmar's eight sugar mills and bioethanol distillery. More...

First 2021 sugar shipment

9 July 2021 | QSL

QSL has dispatched its first shipment of sugar from the current harvest.

The cargo of 42,000 tonnes of raw sugar from the Burdekin region was shipped on the Pacific Integrity out of Townsville earlier this month, bound for a refinery customer in South Korea. More...


Indian subsidies cost Queensland sugar industry $1 billion

16 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

Indian Government price and export subsidies have cost the Queensland sugar industry an estimated $1 billion.

The subsidies, which are currently under investigation by the World Trade Organisation, have contributed to substantially lower global sugar prices, according to a new report by Green Pool Commodity Specialists. More...


First Breeding of Sugar Cane Using CRISPR/Cas9

13 July 2021 | Technology Networks

Sugarcane is one of the most productive plants on Earth, providing 80 percent of the sugar and 30 percent of the bioethanol produced worldwide. Its size and efficient use of water and light give it tremendous potential for the production of renewable value-added bioproducts and biofuels.

But the highly complex sugarcane genome poses challenges for conventional breeding, requiring more than a decade of trials for the development of an improved cultivar. More...




Planning for agriculture’s workforce of the future

14 July 2021 | QFF

The agriculture sector directly employed over 90,000 Queenslanders in February 2021, and it is anticipated to continue growing. Increasing by 44.3 per cent since 2016, the agriculture sector is the 11th largest employer in Queensland and is responsible for 25 per cent of regional employment and 8.8 per cent of the state’s registered businesses. With increasing agricultural exports and strong farm gate and first stage processing figures, further high growth is anticipated in some agricultural regions and industries. However, these future opportunities are dependent on a highly skilled workforce. More...

Piece rate facing minimum wage challenge in Fair Work Commission

13 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

The Australian Workers' Union will challenge the seasonal piece rate in the Fair Work Commission on Tuesday and argue to amend Horticulture Award to include the minimum casual rate of pays as a floor price.

However, the National Farmers' Federation will fiercely oppose the move, which it says would effectively abolish a method that "rewards a fair day's work with a better than fair day's pay". More...


14 per cent of agricultural land in foreign hands

13 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

Foreign investment makes up 13.8 per cent of Australian agricultural land and during 2019-20 the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approved 174 applications in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries, according to FIRB's 2019-20 Annual Report.

These applications totalled $8.3 billion worth of capital investment. More...


New Bundaberg AgTech Hub to drive innovation and jobs in agriculture

13 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

The new Bundaberg AgTech Hub is set to unlock the potential of agricultural technology across the region and enable local farmers to explore the latest innovations.

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner officially launched the Bundaberg Regional Council's AgTech Hub last Thursday at Bargara. More...


'Logic and credibility' of agvet chemical 'bold reform' questioned

13 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

An independent panel has recommended the federal government takes "long overdue" action to reform Australia's agricultural and veterinary chemical regulation, but the industry has raised serious questions about the logic and credibility of the report.

The independent panel cut the number of recommendations from almost 140 proposed in the draft report down to 58. More...

Glyphosate sparring continues as diverging reports released

14 July 2021 | Farm Weekly

Supporters and opponents of controversial weed killer glyphosate continue to do battle, each pointing to separate pieces of evidence to back up their arguments.

Proponents have hailed a European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) report from last month, saying an 11,000 page review on this subject concludes that glyphosate remains safe to use. More...


MicroBioGen's game-changing second-generation bioethanol research

15 July 2021 | North Queensland Register

For Australian biotechnology company MicroBioGen, the solution to creating more commercially viable bioethanol 'just grew on them'.

The company has been able to demonstrate the production of both high-protein food and low carbon bioethanol from non-food material using a single biological agent. More...


Resistance to fall armyworm defence drops

14 July 2021 | Farm Weekly

Horticulture and graingrowers battling the emerging pest fall armyworm have been assured that extensive testing has confirmed no further genetic resistance to pesticides - other than Group 1 resistance identified in 2020. More...

Ag isn't immune from ransomware

13 July 2021 | Farm Weekly

According to Avast, the number of ransomware attacks in Australia increased by 10 per cent during the height of the pandemic in March and April 2020, compared to January and February 2020, and ransomware attacks in Australia have still continued targeting Australian industry, with $680,715 reported lost to ACCC Scamwatch this year. That doesn't include companies who haven't disclosed their ransomware payments. More...


Tableland growers warn Mexican lime imports will pose major biosecurity threat

10 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

The far north region's leading horticultural advocacy group continues to share growing concerns over the biosecurity risk imposed by federal moves to import Mexican limes into Australia.

Horticultural advocacy group Far North Queensland Growers has formally opposed the moves made by the Australian government that support the import of Mexican limes into the country. More...



Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
11 Jul 2021 Mossman 28,744
11 Jul 2021 Tableland 162,701 13.88 13.58
11 Jul 2021 Mulgrave  159,950  10.79 11.01 
11 Jul 2021 South Johnstone 89,008 11.04 11.10
16 Jul 2021 Tully 394,464 12.13 12.32
10 Jul 2021 Victoria 220,641 12.40 11.97
10 Jul 2021 Macknade 96,314
10 Jul 2021 Invicta 685,796 14.39 13.66
10 Jul 2021 Pioneer 354,552 14.09 13.68
10 Jul 2021 Kalamia 332,864 13.88 13.31
10 Jul 2021 Inkerman 279,512 13.55 13.11
10 Jul 2021 Proserpine 80,976 13.73 13.60
11 Jul 2021 Mackay 698,902 12.97 12.42
10 Jul 2021 Plane Creek 189,831 12.89 12.51
11 Jul 2021 Bundaberg 83,581 13.06 12.78
Rocky Point
11 Jul 2021 Harwood 85,029 10.43 11.05
11 Jul 2021 Broadwater 106,108 10.92 11.33
11 Jul 2021 Condong 42,542 10.32 10.80



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 13 July 2021

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 16 July 2021

Town Jul YTD
 Mossman44.0 1294.4
Mareeba 3.4 790.2
Cairns 54.4 2230.0
Innisfail 199.2 3599.6
Tully 199.23599.6
Ingham 85.12962.9
Ayr 3.0877.4
Proserpine 8.2863.2
Mackay 4.0897.2
Maryborough 40.2520.6
Ballina 98.81327.6
Yamba 77.81320.8


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