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30 July 2021

Due to a technical glitch, this edition did not go out on the stated date and was re-sent today, 6 Aug 2021.




Local Sugar Industry Partner Awarded at United Nations Food Systems Summit

28 July 2021 | Sunshine Sugar

Sunshine Sugar congratulates Nutrition Innovation on being officially recognised as one of the best SMEs in the world by the United Nations, as part of the Food Systems Summit 2021.

The summit was created to raise awareness of the critical role that agriculture and food systems play in achieving a sustainable future.“

We teamed up with Nutrition Innovation in 2018, with the partnership delivering a world-first Low GI sugar –Sunshine Sugar Low GI; said Sunshine Sugar CEO, Mr Chris Connors. “This partnership delivered one of the first of our diversification projects that are a key part of the strategic business plan underpinning the future sustainability of the NSW sugar industry.

This low GI sugar is made using the nucane® process, developed by Nutrition Innovation and made at the Condong sugar mill. The process produces a wholesome sugar that retains naturally occurring and beneficial antioxidants. Being low in GI (Glycaemic Index) means that it is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised – resulting in lower and slower rise in blood glucose. More...


Innisfail Show 2021

Michael Camilleri

Thank you to all the helpers at the Innisfail Show. It was a commendable effort by all to brave the inclement weather and produce an exhibit with over 200 entries of cane.

For a year with low productivity yield, it was an exceptionally good display.

The Sugar Cane Industry has been an integral part of the Innisfail community. We have been growing sugar cane in this region for over 100 years! And it is something that growers have been doing extremely well. I would encourage local growers to become more involved in publicly displaying what we do so well.


Record Shared Pool caps season

28 July 2021 | QSL

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) has finalised its 2020-Season pricing results, with the industry-owned sugar marketer notching up a record weighted average Shared Pool result of +$31 per tonne.

The Shared Pool captures QSL’s operating costs, premiums, other revenue, and the Loyalty Bonus where applicable, and is applied to every tonne marketed through QSL.

QSL General Manager Marketing Mark Hampson, said the 2020 Shared Pool return for tonnage priced on the global ICE 11 raw sugar market was a new high for the marketer, which has been marketing sugar on behalf of Queensland cane growers and sugar millers for nearly a century. More...


New yield benchmark

23 July 2021 | SRA

Sugarcane growers in the Burdekin have a novel new variety to consider for their future farming operations.

The Burdekin Regional Variety Committee (RVC) met earlier this year to consider the commercial merit of the most advanced experimental clones in the Sugar Research Australia (SRA) breeding program and approved the release of SRA32. More...


Sandy Creek – On farm change for water quality improvement

July 2021 | Reef Catchments

The RP201C Sandy Creek – On farm change for water quality improvement project seeks to address the issue of unintended pesticide losses, predominantly from sugarcane farms, to manage the water quality impact pesticides pose to the receiving environment, both freshwater and marine including the Great Barrier Reef. More...


2022 Mackay Sugar Apprentice Intake

28 July 2021 | Mackay Sugar

Applications are now open for the 2022 Mackay Sugar Apprentice Intake, in the following areas: 

  • Fabrication (Boilermaker) 
  • Mechanical (Fitter & Turner) 
  • Mechanical (Fitter Machinist) 
  • Electrical (Electrical Fitter / Mechanic) 
  • Diesel Fitter (Rollingstock Fitter)

To apply, please visit our website. Enquiries are to be directed to the Human Resources Department by emailing Applications close at 4.00pm on Tuesday 17 August 2021


Job Opportunity: Field Extension Officer

Innisfail Babinda Cane Productivity Services

Innisfail Babinda Cane Productivity Services (IBPCS) is located across the Innisfail and Babinda region and is looking to employ a Field Extension Officer to deliver technical agronomic support to sugarcane growers.  The role involves delivering targeted agronomic advice to improve productivity and profitability outcomes for growers across all aspects of the sugarcane production system. More...


Coffee, cane and orange crops at risk as temperatures plunge in Brazil

30 July 2021 | Reuters

Temperatures fell in swathes of Brazil on Thursday - with rare snowfall overnight in some places - as a polar air mass advanced toward the center-south of the global agricultural powerhouse, threatening coffee, sugarcane and orange crops with frosts. More...




Queensland farmers’ gold medal performance

28 July 2021 | QFF

Athletes from Australia and all over the world are currently taking their mark on the track and field and diving into the pool at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. As Australian spectators cheer on our sporting stars, they should pause for a moment and consider our farmers who are quietly kicking goals.

Global food systems are expected to deliver on a daunting triple challenge: providing food security and nutrition, providing incomes to more than 500 million farmers and others in the food supply chain, and do so sustainably. Primary producers work in hectares, in winter’s chill or summer’s heat, in drought or flooding rains. Because of their dedication and resilience, agriculture touches the lives of all Australians, and we enjoy the fruits of their many labours through the food we eat, the natural fibres we wear, the amenity that surrounds us and the economic prosperity that follows. More...


Planning for agriculture’s workforce of the future

28 July 2021 | QFF

The agriculture sector directly employed over 90,000 Queenslanders in February 2021, and it is anticipated to continue growing. Increasing by 44.3per cent since 2016, the agriculture sector is the 11th largest employer in Queensland and is responsible for 25 per cent of regional employment and 8.8per cent of the state’s registered businesses. With increasing agricultural exports and strong farm gate and first stage processing figures, further high growth is anticipated in some agricultural regions and industries. However, these future opportunities are dependent on a highly skilled workforce. More...

QFF Workforce Consultations


Agriculture workforce service extended

28 July 2021 | Queensland Government

The highly-successful Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network (QAWN), which has facilitated the creation of hundreds of new jobs in the regions, is being extended to late 2022 with $1.7M in funding.

Formed in 2016, QAWN is a regional network of industry-based agricultural workforce officers who work directly with producers and operators across the supply chain to assist in addressing recruitment and skilling issues. More...


Invasive insect fall armyworm on the march, but scientists fight back with an oozing virus and an egg-attacking wasp

25 July 2021 | ABC

A virus that oozes out through a caterpillar's skin before exterminating it is being investigated as a way to combat an invasive insect that is devastating some Australian crops.

Since fall armyworm was first found in the Torres Strait in January 2020, it has spread to every state and territory except South Australia. More...


Qld roll out "Farm Check-In" app to protect against biosecurity risks

29 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

In the last eighteen months, QR codes have emerged as critical tech protection against the pandemic. Every pub, shop and restaurant requires you to leave your digital fingerprint to help contact tracers track down and suppress a potential outbreak.

Now, the state government is looking to the same line of defence to protect Queensland agriculture from the biosecurity risks that threaten the $13b industry. More...


Digital Farmhand ploughs farms of the future

28 July 2021 | Queensland Government

Farms of the future are being trialled at Gatton in a ground-breaking first for Queensland horticulture.

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and Minister for Rural Communities Mark Furner said the Queensland Government had welcomed agricultural robotics company Agerris to establish its operations in Queensland and demonstrate its automated farming platform. More...


Agriculture workers, farmers exempt from NSW-Queensland border restrictions

27 July 2021 | ABC

The New South Wales government has confirmed agricultural workers will be exempt from the current border restrictions with Queensland.

Under the exemption, people who can prove they are employed in the agricultural sector will be able to move freely throughout the sunshine state with a permit. More...


NAB teams with Food Agility CRC to lift farmers' climate resilience

30 July 2021 | Queensland Country Life

The banking sector's rising enthusiasm for championing carbon conscious, sustainable agriculture has stepped up another gear as National Australia Bank aligns itself with specialist data research teams to help farmers become more environmentally resilient. More...


Philippines Becomes First Country to Approve GMO ‘Golden Rice’

28 July 2021 | Modern Farmer

Genetically modified crops are common in countries such as the United States, but generally they’re modified for two things: efficiency and profit.

Golden rice, which is a short-grain rice genetically modified to contain beta-carotene, was first developed in 1999, in Switzerland. But the rice’s journey to federal approval has been slow and filled with opposition. This week, the government of the Philippines announced that it had approved golden rice, making it the first country to do so. More...



Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
25 Jul 2021 Mossman 32,829
25 Jul 2021 Tableland 220,527 14.35 13.77
25 Jul 2021 Mulgrave 287,304 11.54 11.15
25 Jul 2021 South Johnstone 218,221 11.54 11.15
30 Jul 2021 Tully 600,388 12,136 74,419
24 Jul 2021 Victoria 447,633 12.27 12.12
24 Jul 2021 Macknade 209,503
24 Jul 2021 Invicta 977,865 14.62 13.92
24 Jul 2021 Pioneer 526,873 14.75 13.98
24 Jul 2021 Kalamia 477,703 14.30 13.58
24 Jul 2021 Inkerman 386,546 13.62 13.32
24 Jul 2021 Proserpine 256,771 13.85 13.71
25 Jul 2021 Mackay 1,139,520 13.54 12.78
24 Jul 2021 Plane Creek 318,920 13.75 12.97
25 Jul 2021 Bundaberg 179,978 13.32 13.03
Rocky Point
25 Jul 2021 Harwood 128,235 11.44 11.04
25 Jul 2021 Broadwater 164,679 12.11 11.42
25 Jul 2021 Condong 90,161 11.59 11.08



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 27 July 2021

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 30 July 2021

Town Jul YTD
 Mossman44.0 1294.4
Mareeba  3.8790.6
Cairns 54.42230.0
Innisfail 199.64075.8
Tully 199.64075.8
Ingham 86.4 2964.2
Ayr 3.4877.8
Proserpine 8.4863.4
Mackay 4.2897.4
Maryborough 50.4530.8
Ballina 100.21329.0
Yamba 86.41329.4

Queensland launches climate action, jobs plan

30 July 2021 | Queensland Government

Queenslanders are set to benefit from a stronger focus on more jobs in more industries and cleaner, cheaper energy under the state’s new climate and economic blueprint, released today.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon unveiled the online-based Climate Action Plan 2030, outlining the sunshine state’s roadmap to reach its emissions and renewables targets, create jobs and drive economic recovery from COVID-19.


ABARES says changing climate is costing every farm, on average, $30,000 every year

29 July 2021 | ABC

Australian farms have lost on average almost $30,000 each a year in profits over the past 20 years due to climate change, relative to earnings in the latter part of last century, says the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES). More...