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20 August 2021




Spectacular savings from Lower Burdekin Regional Water Quality Program

14 August 2021 | North Queensland Register

Burdekin cane farmers involved in a project targeting innovative farming practices have succeeded in making spectacular savings in the amount of water and power needed to grow their crops.

Growers now have more opportunities to make similar gains through a new suite of projects on offer through extension support agencies in the Burdekin.

QSL welcomes new Independent Director

18 August 2021 | QSL

Former auditor and partner at Ernst and Young, Mark Hayward (right), will join the QSL Board from 1 September 2021 as an Independent Director. 

 Mr Hayward’s appointment has been made in preparation for the retirement of QSL’s current Chairman Guy Cowan, who will step down after 14 years on the board at the conclusion of his current term on 31 December 2023.

Mr Cowan said the appointment had been made prior to his departure to support a smooth transition. More...


SCHLOT Harvesting Monitors trial

13 August 2021 | Mackay Sugar

MSL have two SCHLOT HARVESTING MONITOR’S being trialed with various harvesting groups this season. Basically, the SCHLOT machines indicate to the harvester driver how much cane is being lost through the extractor fans. The MSL Productivity team, together with SRA, held a trial and demo day on Tuesday (11 August) and it was a very successful day.
See Video


Sugar rally could help India to export 6 mln T without subsidy

19 August 2021 | Reuters

India could export 6 million tonnes of sugar in the new season starting in October even without government subsidies, with global prices making overseas sales more lucrative after rising to their highest in 4-1/2 years. More...


Sugar producing countries concerned at potential for more contentious Indian sugar subsidies

10 August 2021 | ASMC

The Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC) says there is widespread concern amongst the world’s major sugar producing countries that the Indian Government might be contemplating further contentious export subsidies that will negatively impact world sugar prices. On top of the unrelenting climate and pandemic challenges already facing sugar producing countries, they fear that the estimated USD $10 billion damage already caused to the industry globally by India’s overproduction of sugar will continue to grow. More...



Agriculture and science in symbiosis

18 August 2021 | QFF

This week, Australia celebrates National Science week, an annual event acknowledging the contributions of Australian scientists. It also provides an opportunity for to recognise and celebrate the symbiotic relationship between the science and agriculture sectors which continue to work together to create and embrace innovation. More...


Ag RDC trust study shows farms winning more community loyalty

17 August 2021 | Queensland Country Life

Australians are growing increasingly more trusting of farm sector industries, with latest findings from a multi-year study of community attitudes putting trust in our food producers well ahead of food retailers or governments.

Almost 90 per cent of the 5300 people interviewed for a special survey in the past year said they trusted rural industries. More...


CQUniversity's Spicing Up Northern Australia research trials yield excitement

18 August 2021 | Queensland Country Life

The prospects of a robust northern spice industry could soon become a reality, following the success of the recent high-value spice crop trails across northern and central Queensland.

The results are in from the CQUniversity (CQU) Spicing Up Northern Australia research project's 2020/21 summer black sesame field trials, with growing excitement at the potential for a booming industry. More...


Legalise kava production, says Bundaberg Regional Council in submission to DFAT

16 August 2021 | ABC

A local government in Queensland is seeking to grow a crop that has been banned in Australia for more than 20 years as it is considered a drug.

The Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC) has made a submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to trial kava production in Australia. More...


Homegrown uncontaminated oats on the menu for Aussies avoiding gluten

15 August 2021 | ABC

Homegrown oats uncontaminated by wheat, barley or rye are now on the menu for Australians looking to avoid gluten in their diets.

Previously, if you were one of the 15 per cent of Australians with a gluten-free diet, trying oats meant paying for imported products as most grain growers in Australia also shared silos and harvesters with other grains, like wheat. More...

Carbon count claims world first online carbon credit project software

15 August 2021 | Farm Online

Melbourne-based AgTech provider Carbon Count has launched an online end-to-end soil carbon project management software package to enable agricultural consultancies, project managers and carbon trading companies to make the most of the soil carbon credit market.

The Carbon Count platform aims to simplify, streamline and fast-track soil carbon projects, making them cheaper to implement for the carbon trader. More...


Big workforce provider set to tackle harvest labour shortage

18 August 2021 | Farm Weekly

ONE of Australia's largest operations staff providers is joining the fight to help the Australian grains industry find sufficient skilled harvest labour to get this year's forecast bumper crop in the bin. More...

Simplifying certification of agricultural equipment

18 August 2021 | Farm Weekly

Machinery dealerships may have staff trained up specifically to certify that used agricultural equipment being sent interstate is free from biological contamination risk before it leaves, under a new regulation. More...


Fungi funding to fight crop insects

20 August 2021 | Queensland Country Life

University of Southern Queensland research into the essential role of fungal biodiversity to the future of agriculture has been recognised by the Australian Research Council, with ecologist Dr Adam Frew to receive $453,582 to further his work into using fungi to enhance plant resistance to insects. More...


Tamar Valley's Andrea O'Halloran wins Tasmanian Young Farmer of the Year title

16 August 2021 | ABC

Lashing a four-wheel drive tractor to a semi-trailer, public speaking and even poaching an egg are just some of the things Andrea O'Halloran had to do to take out Rural Youth's Tasmanian Young Farmer of the Year Competition. More...


Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
15 Aug 2021 Mossman 216,482
15 Aug 2021 Tableland 302,263 14.68 14.01
15 Aug 2021 Mulgrave 451,947 11.39 11.30
15 Aug 2021 South Johnstone 392,141 11.83 11.45
20 Aug 2021 Tully 893,350 13.15 12.70
14 Aug 2021 Victoria 843,474 12.95 12.46
14 Aug 2021 Macknade 403,450
14 Aug 2021 Invicta 1,451,513 14.98 14.30
14 Aug 2021 Pioneer 784,058 15.13 14.31
14 Aug 2021 Kalamia 720,798 14.52 13.89
14 Aug 2021 Inkerman 609,352 14.88 13.85
14 Aug 2021 Proserpine 502,397 14.56 14.10
15 Aug 2021 Mackay 1,807,104 14.29 13.27
14 Aug 2021 Plane Creek 506,263 14.48 13.48
15 Aug 2021 Bundaberg 322,505 13.83 13.38
Rocky Point
15 Aug 2021 Harwood 193,991 12.46 11.43
15 Aug 2021 Broadwater 249,908 12.87 11.83
15 Aug 2021 Condong 162,320 12.03 11.52



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 10 August 2021

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 20 August 2021

TownAug YTD
 Mossman27.2 1321.6
Mareeba 2.0860.0
Cairns 16.42246.4
Innisfail 103.64179.4
Tully 103.64179.4
Ingham 37.43001.5
Ayr 1.4879.2
Proserpine 41.4904.8
Mackay 28.6926.0
Maryborough 12.4543.2
Ballina 18.81347.8
Yamba 8.41337.8

Australia's weather forecast for the week to come

15 August 2021 | Farm Online

Most of Australia will see "settled" weather this week, with a dominating and slow moving high pressure system overhead. 

Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Sarah Scully said weather changes won't be expected to be seen until about Thursday when the next front hits south west Western Australia. More...


'We've got work to do': Farmers share climate action stories to build trust | Video

19 August 2021 | Farm Weekly

A new initiative is sharing stories of the climate action Aussie farmers are already taking in an effort to educate the wider public about the sectors' environmental efforts. Research commissioned by the National Farmers' Federation measured community sentiment towards agriculture, climate change and sustainability.  More...