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17 December 2021



Australia's big win against India's sugar subsidies

16 December 2021 | Queensland Country Life

Australia has secured an emphatic win against India's price-distorting sugar subsidies.

A World Trade Organisation panel ruled India had export subsidies in place which were prohibited under global trading rules and recommended their removal.

The panel also found that India's levels of sugarcane price supports had consistently exceeded permitted levels. More...

Sugar industry welcomes win in WTO case against Indian subsidies

December 2021 | CANEGROWERS & ASMC

Australia has secured an emphatic World Trade Organisation (WTO) win against India’s price-distorting sugar production supports and export subsidies. 

Handing down its report last night, a WTO Panel found that India had export subsidies in place which were prohibited under trading rules and it recommended their removal. The Panel also found that India’s levels of sugarcane price supports had consistently exceeded permitted levels. More...


Post-implementation review: Competition and Consumer (Industry Code—Sugar) Regulations 2017

Date | Source

Key findings of the review: "We consider the code has delivered a net benefit to the Australian sugar industry because it provides a mechanism for resolving potentially lengthy and costly negotiation deadlocks, but we acknowledge that the code introduces a financial cost to the industry." More...


Confidence has sweetened in the NSW Sugar Industry

10 December 2021 | Sunshine Sugar

Record prices, significant profits, board stability and distribution payments to members ahead of Christmas. 

These were some of the news highlights that came out of the recent NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative (NSWSMC) Annual General Meeting. More...

2021 crush complete

13 December 2021 | Wilmar Sugar

The last of Wilmar's mills crushed out on Sunday, 12 December, bringing the 2021 season to a close. Our eight sugar mills processed 14.6 million tonnes of cane to make about 2 million tonnes of raw sugar. The last cane was crushed at Plane Creek Mill at 10.33pm on Sunday, 12 December. More...

We created a 30-second video to capture the end of the season.


Wilmar's mills crush out for 2021

15 December 2021 | North Queensland Register

The last of Wilmar's eight mills has crushed out, bringing the 2021 season to a close. 

Wilmar's Plane Creek Mill at Sarina processed the last of it's cane just after 10.30pm on Sunday December 12, with the final raw sugar expected to be produced this this week. More...


Mackay canegrowers impacted by mill stoppages and wet weather

14 December 2021 | North Queensland Register

Equipment failures have marred what has been an otherwise excellent sugarcane growing season along Queensland's east coast. 

Growers are reporting the best crop in five years in the Mackay district, plus excellent sugar prices, but poor factory performance at all three Mackay Sugar mills - Farleigh, Marian and Racecourse, but predominantly Marian - has resulted in a frustrating outcome there, resulting in hundreds of thousands of tonnes of cane still to harvest. More...


UK free trade agreement heralds new opportunities for Australian sugar

17 December 2021 | Queensland Country Life

Cane farmers say the official signing of the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement signals new new trade opportunities.

Canegrowers chief executive officer Dan Galligan said the Aus-UK FTA would take the Australian sugar industry a step closer to rebuilding what had once been a strong trading relationship with the United Kingdom, after a 50-year hiatus. More...


Brazil 2021/22 sugar output seen down sharply; adverse weather cited

17 December 2021 | Reuters

Brazil's center-south 2021/22 sugar production is expected to reach 32 million tonnes, down from about 38.5 million tonnes in the previous cycle, as adverse weather conditions hit the current sugarcane crop, industry group Unica said on Thursday. More...


Tereos to double sugarcane seedlings with automation

13 December 2021 | Future Farming

Tereos aims to double pre-sprouted sugarcane seedlings production by its automated biofactory located in Guaíra, in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil. The goal is to produce 50 thousand seedlings daily and up to 12 million during the entire harvest next year. More...


A greener option with an extended service life

17 December 2021 | Bigrigs

Powerdown has designed and developed Australia’s first ultra-high performance, biodegradable shock absorber fluid, specifically with Australian conditions in mind, and for fleets and companies who refuse to compromise on performance and reliability. More...




Planning and education to safeguard right to farm

16 December 2021 | QFF

There is a concerning disconnect in the general public and government’s understanding (and even acceptance) of the role that agriculture has in supplying food, fibre and foliage to meet critical human needs. Farmers are experiencing encroachment by commercial and residential land uses and attrition of existing buffer zones because of poor urban planning. One significant area of concern for farmers pertains to the operation of irrigation pumps, vehicles and other equipment while being held to an unrealistic noise standard. This lack of information about the agriculture sector is threatening its social licence to operate and the inherent ‘right to farm’. More...


Receding waters reveal 'heartbreaking' farm damage as Queensland floods wipe out entire crops

12 December 2021 | ABC

Rotting and ruined crops and eroded riverbeds have left deep scars on farmland along the Queensland-New South Wales border rivers.

Farmers are beginning to realise the extent of the damage as floodwaters start to recede in some areas. More...


Farmers turning to alternative growing methods in wake of sky-high fertiliser price

10 December 2021 | ABC

In 12 months the price of commonly used fertilisers essential for Australia's $43 billion cropping industries has increased by as much as 230 per cent.

Grain farmers looking to sow summer or winter crops are bracing for a massive increase in production costs and some are looking for alternative options to synthetic fertilisers. More...

'Once-in-a-generation season' for West Australian farmers with bumper yields, quality grain, high prices

4 December 2021 | ABC

The West Australian grain production industry is experiencing a once-in-a-generation harvest with many growers enjoying the trinity of good yields, quality and prices.

A record 21 million tonnes of wheat, canola and other cereals valued at $8 billion is set to be harvested in the coming weeks. More...


Farmers can add biodiversity payments to carbon credits, but questions raised over locked-up land

15 December 2021 | ABC

Farmers will earn income for improving the biodiversity on-farm, under the Australian government's National Stewardship Trading Platform, but scientists and community groups are warning that too much land may be lost to productive agriculture. More...



Renewable energy hotspot grinds to a halt through lack of transmission infrastructure

12 December 2021 | ABC

Proponents say a North Queensland renewable energy power station which sat idle for three years is symptomatic of the problems hampering new electricity generation.

The 50-megawatt Kennedy Energy Park (KEP), west of Townsville, was Australia's first to combine a solar farm, 12 wind turbines, and 2MW of battery storage when completed in late 2018. More...

CSIRO report reveals renewables remain cheapest new-build power

17 December 2021 | PV Magazine Australia

The CSIRO’s fourth annual GenCost report, released on Friday for public consultation, has again found renewables including solar PV and wind are by a “significant margin” the cheapest new-build electricity generation option in Australia. More...



Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
5 Nov 2021 Mossman 639,771 12.29
28 Nov 2021 Tableland 630,565 13.39 14.03
28 Nov 2021 Mulgrave 1,194,976   11.54 11.52
28 Nov 2021 South Johnstone 1,226,218 10.65 11.47
9 Dec 2021 Tully 2,513,803 12.36 12.96
27 Nov 2021 Victoria 2,550,078 12.47 12.73
27 Nov 2021 Macknade 1,247,180
4 Dec 2021 Invicta 3,050,914 14.48
4 Dec 2021 Pioneer 1,625,328 14.60
4 Dec 2021 Kalamia 1,552,308 14.12
4 Dec 2021 Inkerman 1,654,431 12.13 14.38
20 Nov 2021
Proserpine 1,556,291 12.60 14.43
12 Dec 2021 Mackay 4,932,990 12.30 13.94
12 Dec 2021 Plane Creek 1,367,480 12.26 14.34
12 Dec 2021 Bundaberg 929,970 11.31 14.20
28 Nov 2021 Isis 1,049,944 12.52 14.05
28 Nov 2021 Rocky Point 228,473 13.17 14.27
28 Nov 2021 Harwood 565,042 11.10 12.23
21 Nov 2021 Broadwater 588,540
28 Nov 2021 Condong 459,077 11.49 12.21



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 14 December 2021

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 17 December 2021

Town Dec YTD
 Mossman42.2  2708.8
Mareeba 44.4  927.8
Cairns 4.6 2625.6
Innisfail 12.04050.0
Tully  23.04944.9
Ingham 19.83340.8
Ayr 0.01350.5
Proserpine 34.21164.2
Mackay 64.01394.0
Maryborough 69.41163.8
Ballina 299.42053.8
Yamba 141.21646.4

Prepare now for natural disasters

Date | Source

When it comes to extreme weather events in Queensland it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. 

In the past 10 years Queensland has faced more than 70 disaster events including storms, fires, cyclones, storm tides and floods. 

After the safety of your family, caring for your animals is a priority in a natural disaster. Preparing now can make all the difference. More...


Floodwaters lead to 'bonanza' of bird activity in Lower Lachlan

14 December 2021 | ABC

This year, floods have devastated landholders in the NSW Central West, inundating millions of dollars worth of crops just as they were ready to harvest.

However, further down the Lachlan River, western Riverina farmers and environmentalists are rejoicing in the arrival of water to the flood plains and wetlands. More...