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31 July 2020




Reef regulations inquiry hears from scientists

30 July 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Only three per cent of the entire Great Barrier Reef has been negatively impacted by agriculture, according to scientists who gave evidence at a Senate inquiry into the state government's controversial reef regulations this week.

The inquiry, which was held in Brisbane on Monday and Tuesday, was told that most of the impacted area was classed as 'inner reef'.

Burdekin MP and Northern Queensland spokesman Dale Last said the state government should immediately set aside the reef bill until the inquiry's federal Regional and Rural Affairs Committee returned their findings on October 1.

Mr Last said evidence from farming groups, environmentalists, reef scientists and the Queensland government was heard during the public hearings and it was clear the state government had got it wrong. More...

Farmers say environment minister's Great Barrier Reef claim is 10 million times wrong

26 July 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Queensland farmers say Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch has again made the fake claim that 10.5 million tonnes of nitrogen is flooding into Great Barrier Reef receiving waters each year as a result of fertiliser used on farms. More...

Bundaberg farmers take Queensland Government to court over Paradise Dam

29 July 2020 | ABC

Farmers in the Bundaberg region are launching a class action against the Queensland Government.

They're alleging "negligent management and deceptive and misleading conduct" in relation to the handling of Paradise Dam on the Burnett River. More...




White Ribbon Australia working with the regions

29 July 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Drought, bushfires and now a pandemic have placed ongoing pressure on the livelihoods and relationships of all Australians through a struggling economy, rapidly changing social restrictions and fear about the future. Farmers and their families can endure these challenges in a way urban inhabitants don't. For example, support services that are readily available in cities can be hours away or non-existent, the range of specialised expertise is smaller, and regional communications can be unreliable. More...


Lockdown prompts gardening resurgence and appreciation of food production

28 July 2020 | Farm Online

The appreciation of the farmer could be an unexpected but positive outcome from Australia's COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020.

As housebound residents took up the opportunity of growing something in their own backyards, many discovered the difficulties that stem from trying to grow an edible, as well as presentable, piece of fresh produce. More...


Long-anticipated ACCC report on Murray-Darling water trading released

30 July 2020 | ABC

Australia's $1.5 billion water market could be set for major reform after a report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found "significant faults" with trading regulation.

The long-anticipated interim report by the competition watchdog released today suggests tighter regulation is needed for market participants, including water brokers and exchange platforms, which it found had been allowed to operate mostly without regulation, allowing "conflicts of interest to arise and opportunities for transactions to be reported improperly". More...

QFF welcomes LNP commitment to reduce irrigation water prices

28 July 2020 | QFF

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and its members have welcomed the Queensland LNP’s commitment to reduce water prices for the state’s irrigators by 20 per cent if elected in October, but require modelling to provide scheme specific costs using the LNP’s new approach. More...

Regenerative biological pasture improvement trial gives sceptical dairy farmer hope

27 July 2020 | ABC

As poor profit margins force Australian dairy farmers out of the industry, a trial of biological pasture improvement at Maleny Dairies is being watched with interest.

In four months, Keith Hopper said it had significantly reduced feed costs while increasing production by one to two litres of milk per cow a day. More...




Funding for Energy Efficiency Projects

16 July 2020 | QFF

There are a number of funding assistance programs that can help you realise energy efficiency savings on your site.

Energy Efficient Communities Grants of between $5,000 and $20,000 are now available to small businesses to improve their energy efficiency through the Energy Efficient Communities Program – Small Business Grants. These grants may be used for equipment and component improvements, energy audits, feasibility studies and/or energy use and emission monitoring. More...


Funding for farm microgrids

June 2020 | QFF

Farmers may benefit from more secure, affordable and reliable energy after a group of agriculture and energy organisations were successful in securing $654,807 to assess the advantages of microgrids through the Federal Government’s Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund. More...


Solar renewable project to create hundreds of jobs in North West Queensland, developers say

21 July 2020 | ABC

A $600 million renewable energy project planned for Mount Isa in North West Queensland is expected to create hundreds of jobs during its construction. More...


UQ shifts to 100pc renewable energy

22 July 2020 | Queensland Country Life

The University of Queensland has become the first major university in the world to offset 100 per cent of its electricity use with renewable power produced from its own assets.

The completion of the $125 million, 64 megawatt solar farm at Warwick also boosts Australia's renewable energy research capacity. More...



Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
26 Jul 2020 Mossman 141,818 11.45 11.09
28 Jul 2020 Tableland 205,473 14.68 13.75
28 Jul 2020 Mulgrave 267,481
11.29 10.98  
28 Jul 2020 South Johnstone 190,680 11.41 11.37
23 Jul 2020 Tully 497,635 12.23 11.63
18 Jul 2020 Victoria 385,498 11.55 11.24
18 Jul 2020 Macknade 157,682
25 Jul 2020 Invicta 830,781 13.65 12.92
25 Jul 2020 Pioneer 388,785 14.24 13.47
25 Jul 2020 Kalamia 399,565 14.14 13.34
25 Jul 2020 Inkerman 417,307 14.24 13.44
25 Jul 2020 Proserpine 233,815 12.98 12.76
26 Jul 2020 Mackay 1,136,954 12.97 12.29
25 Jul 2020 Plane Creek 243,325 12.77 12.28
25 Jul 2020 Bundaberg 197,839 13.93 13.77
26 Jul 2020 Isis 73,180 14.19 14.02
26 Jul 2020 Maryborough 43,629 13.50 13.52
26 Jul 2020 Rocky Point 8,417 12.76 12.50
26 Jul 2020 Harwood 105,469 10.97 10.22
26 Jul 2020 Broadwater 129,915 10.96 10.62
26 Jul 2020 Condong 137,788 11.14 10.50



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 28 July 2020

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 31 July 2020

TownJul YTD
 Mossman31.6 1635.8
Mareeba 0.4465.4
Cairns 33.8 1236.2
Innisfail 84.42344.1
Tully 138.82767.2
Ingham 38.91574.4
Ayr 62.81021.2
Proserpine 54.4752.0
Mackay 43.01164.0
Maryborough 62.8635.4
Ballina 174.81564.8
Yamba 208.81303.8

La Nina: Nino 3.4 – Pacific Ocean patch that could change Australia’s weather

29 July 2020 |

It lies about 4000 kilometres north east of the Cape Byron lighthouse, Australia’s most easterly point, and stretches for several thousand kilometres further east straddling either side of the equator. More...


Unwanted dry July for southern Australia as big wet hits NSW

27 July 2020 | Farm Online

The fickle Australian climate is at it again.

As parts of coastal NSW suffer from flooding with over 300mm falling on central and southern coastal regions over the weekend, problems are emerging with the winter crop in other parts of the country. More...




12 August 2020 - SRA 2020 Biosecurity Webinar Series 

19 August 2020 - QFF Microgrids in Agriculture Webinar

26 August 2020 - SRA 2020 Biosecurity Webinar Series 

Primex joins field days now cancelled over Covid

30 July 2020 | The Land

Casino's Primex agricultural field days has joined a long list of similar events fallen prey to Covid-19, cancelling its 2020 event for the first time in a 36 years history.

The field days, sponsored by local dairy co-operative Norco, had been rescheduled from May to September but manager Bruce Wright said the decision was made to postpone until 2021 after an online survey of exhibitors made it clear that there were too many headwinds right now. More...

RCS Soil Solutions Workshop – Townsville QLD

RCS Australia

September 1 @ 8:45 am - 5:00 pm AEST

The latest in soil biology.

Join RCS to hear industry-leading information on soil biology and how you can reduce inputs while improving the production, health and value of your land. More...