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11 December 2020




After 82 years, Mackay's Bonaventura family harvest the last cane field

10 December 2020 | ABC

As his cane fields went up in flames for the final time, Mackay councillor Laurence Bonaventura reflected on 82 years of his family's farming legacy.

"It's a bit of a sad occasion, but it's about knowing when is a good time, and I believe this is the time to finish cane growing," Cr Bonaventura said.

As a councillor for the Mackay region, he has decided to retire as a farmer and focus full-time on his other commitments.

Cr Bonaventura's family arrived in Australia in 1914 by recommendation of a relative, who said there was "good money in the sugar industry, as long as you're prepared to work hard".

His grandfather and father bought several neighbouring blocks, where they cleared land, planted cane and expanded their production. More...


Grower Floor Price Contract

7 December 2020 | QSL

QSL's new Grower Floor Price Contract is now available within the QSL Direct portal and QSL App.

This new grower-managed pricing option gives QSL growers the best of both worlds – letting them lock in a sugar price with the potential for higher returns should the market rise after their order is filled. More...


NSW Sugar Season Wraps Up

7 December 2020 | Sunshine Sugar

In what has been a tumultuous year across the globe, the sugar industry in NSW has successfully manoeuvred its way through a crush season filled with challenges and opportunities.

Despite the many hurdles presented by the COVID pandemic, the cane growing and harvesting community of the Northern Rivers has safely and successfully completed harvesting this year’s 1.75 million tonne sugarcane crop. More...


Sugar mills crush out for 2020

8 December 2020 | Queensland Country Life

More than 29 million tonnes of sugar cane has been crushed in Queensland this year with the season set to close this week.

The last bins will be tipped at Mackay Sugar's Farleigh, Marian and Racecourse mills, signalling an end to the 2020 season. More...


MSF Sugar's Maryborough mill closes down

8 December 2020 | Queensland Country Life

MSF Sugar's Maryborough mill has crushed its last cane with the company announcing it was decommissioning the facility. Instead, contracted sugar cane will be crushed elsewhere from 2021.

The decision comes after Rural Funds Management purchased 5409 hectares of MSF Sugar's cane growing land in the district earlier this year, with a view to replanting with macadamia nuts. More...


Elders and Maize Australia working on battling Fall armyworm threat

9 December 2020 | The Land

As the threat of Fall armyworm continues to trend south, agronomists and industry bodies are exploring ways of limiting the pest's potential damage.

Elders is among those on the frontlines and has enlisted the help of Toowoomba-based technical services manager Maree Crawford to help find an answer to the increasing threat. More...


Cane farmers told to demolish sheds twice in 30 years to make way for Bruce Highway upgrades

9 December 2020 | ABC

An Edmonton family has been told to vacate sheds on their property for the second time in less than 30 years to make way for upgrades to the Bruce Highway.

Ken Hardwick, 86, knows the price of progress, having farmed cane on the southern outskirts of Cairns for seven decades, taking over the property his father pioneered. More...




Queensland 2020-21 Budget lacklustre end to challenging year

9 December 2020 | QFF

We often hear about the value of Queensland’s agriculture sector from governments, and for good reason given in 2019 we were a $17 billion industry despite the ongoing drought. We also often hear about how much of what our farmers’ produce is exported, helping the balance of payments and contributing to the State’s economy. Agriculture and the food supply chain also employ over 300,000 locals, or roughly one in seven Queenslanders, while everyone enjoys its fresh, nutritious and safe produce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector has ensured food security for all Queenslanders and provided a sense of purpose and economic opportunity for many more. More...


Queensland farmers encouraged to register now for Farm2Plate Exchange

9 December 2020 | QFF

Queensland farmers looking to capitalise on the opportunities that agritourism could provide are encouraged to attend the national agri-food networking event Farm2Plate Exchange run by agritourism and agri-innovation experts Regionality from 18-19 May 2021. More...

Grown in Queensland initiative to help consumers choose local

7 December 2020 | QFF

As the security, quality and in particular the origin of food, fibre and foliage has become increasingly important to consumers, a new initiative has been launched to assist Queensland consumers to identify and purchase items grown and produced in Queensland.

The Grown in Queensland initiative, formed by a farming family and run by Advance Queensland Pty Ltd with support from the Queensland Farmers’ Federation, is designed to assist Queensland consumers by placing a priority on the locality of the origin of the produce they choose to purchase.

Advance Queensland Pty Ltd is the owner of the registered trade mark logo ‘Grown in Queensland’. When used on packaging and marketing material, this logo, along with an attached Queensland postcode from where the food was grown, will be easily identifiable by consumers.

Farmers who are licensed and adhere to the ‘Code of Practice’ are able to display the ‘Grown in Queensland’ logo on their goods. Not only is the logo available to farmers as ‘Suppliers’, but there are also opportunities for other businesses and individuals to promote themselves as ‘Supporters’. 

The initiative is seeking Queensland farmers who are interested in the initiative to participate and receive the ‘Grown in Queensland’ logo for use in the marketing and sale of their produce.

Queensland farmers are among the world’s best at growing food, fibre and amenity to the highest quality and ethical standards, with support from Queensland consumers, we an ensure a productive and sustainable agriculture sector for the future. 

For more information about the Grown in Queensland initiative, visit:


National award launched for those promoting healthy soils

7 December 2020 | Farm Online

A national award has been launched to recognise those doing the dirty work of promoting healthy soils.

The General Jeffrey Soil Health Award is open to any individual farmer, land manager, extension specialist or educator who is making an outstanding contribution to improving soil health in Australia. More...

Home Hill reservoir water security project to start early 2021

4 December 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Water storage capacity in Home Hill will be increased more than 10 fold with a new reservoir to be built in the town.The reservoir will have the capacity to hold 5 megalitres, a significanty increase on the exisiting water tower which can store about 0.39ML from the town's eight bores. More...


Calls for Pacific travel bubble to ease ag labour shortage

8 December 2020 | Farm Online

Less than 150 people have taken up the government incentives to relocate to regional Australia for seasonal harvest work, and the horticulture says a Pacific Island travel bubble is the only realistic solution to the sector's labour shortage. More...

Tourism Australia campaign pitches horticulture and hospitality work to Kiwis

10 December 2020 | ABC

A new advertising campaign to lure New Zealanders to Australia to help pick fruit and vegetables is the latest attempt to try to offset a potential labour shortage crisis for Australian farmers. More...

Fruit picking jobs available in North Queensland

8 December 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Workers are trickling North to take up seasonal fruit picking jobs, but fears are mounting as to how the horticulture industry will handle labour shortages in 2021. More...


Bundaberg the macadamia capital of Australia

11 December 2020 | Bundaberg Now

The incredible yield of macadamia orchards in Bundaberg has contributed significantly to a higher than expected 2020 national crop of 50,300 tonnes in-shell at 10 per cent moisture.

The figure, which was higher than forecast, was announced yesterday by the industry’s peak body the Australian Macadamia Society More...



Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
3 Nov 2020 Mossman 647,984
13 Nov 2020 Tableland 596,801 14.37
27 Nov 2020 Mulgrave  1,290,338  13.23 12.24 
6 Dec 2020 South Johnstone 1,483,185 12.11 12.34
4 Dec 2020 Tully 2,463,549 12.76 12.96
28 Nov 2020 Victoria 2,898,446 13.84 12.1
28 Nov 2020 Macknade1,351,953
21 Nov 2020 Invicta 3,119,398 14.47
21 Nov 2020 Pioneer 1,549,191 14.79 14.90
21 Nov 2020 Kalamia 1,583,502 14.45 14.42
21 Nov 2020 Inkerman 1,535,795 15.30 14.73
14 Nov 2020 Proserpine 1,583,502 15.30 14.73
29 Nov 2020 Mackay 4,859,061 14.00 14.16
21 Nov 2020 Plane Creek 1,234,330 14.74 14.23
25 Oct 2020 Bundaberg 1,039,258 16.21 14.67
1 Dec 2020 Isis 808,815 15.18 14.81
18 Nov 2020 Maryborough 633,914 14.84 14.49
Rocky Point
29 Nov 2020 Harwood 551,313 12.68 11.87
22 Nov 2020 Broadwater 661,615 13.25 12.20
29 Nov 2020 Condong 511,083 12.33 11.60



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 8 December 2020

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 10 December 2020

Town Dec YTD
 Mossman 14.21744.6
Mareeba 3.0 483.4
Cairns  10.21376.2
Innisfail 22.42528.6
Tully 4.03368.6
Ingham 2.01648.3
Ayr 1.81037.8
Proserpine 4.6837.2
Mackay 29.41301.2
Maryborough 24.0779.6
Ballina 5.41797.6
Yamba 9.41502.4

Promised December rain on the map

7 December 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Queensland's promised "wet December" may have been slow in coming, but the Bureau of Meteorology's latest mapping shows good rain is on its way for at least some parts of the state.

BOM's eight day forecast map (see above) shows some potentially handy handy falls, particularly for north Queensland and parts of the south east. More...



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