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21 August 2020




Sugar price rebound sweetens La Nina risk

20 August 2020 | Farm Online

Rebounding global sugar prices are putting a spring in the step of Queensland cane growers who have been hampered by wet weather hold-ups since the crush started in early June.

Raw sugar traded in New York on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the global benchmark, broke through the US13 cents per pound barrier last week for the first time since March.

Analysts say that has been on the back of easing lockdown restrictions, the resumption of food service, strong demand from Asia where drought has hit local crops and speculative moves by funds shifting to a bullish outlook for sugar.

Queensland's 18 sugar mills have crushed just over 10 million tonnes, down between two and three million on the anticipated volume, with most regions affected by wet weather.

Increased odds of a La Nina forming in the next months, as touted this week by the Bureau of Meteorology, are now causing further concern. More...

Maryborough sugar mill likely to close after this year's crush

20 August 2020 | ABC

The Maryborough sugar mill is likely to close after the 2020 crushing season, according to local state MP Bruce Saunders.

He said discussions had started with stakeholders to determine where the cane could be crushed. More...

Pricing limits raised

17 August 2020 | QSL

Queensland cane growers using QSL can now price up to 70% of their GEI Sugar, thanks to an increase in committed pricing limits.The new commitment limits now in place are:

New custom-molded, compostable oyster trays made from sugarcane created in Australia

20 August 2020 | Seafood Source

Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia-based sustainable packaging developer BioPak has created the world’s first custom-molded oyster tray using sugarcane, with the help of its industry partner Blue Harvest. More...




Confusing chemical usage legislation needs fix for farmers

19 August 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Building a sustainable workforce that is well-resourced, fit for purpose and responsive to the ever-changing technological advances and potential disruption ahead is an ongoing, complex and challenging issue for Queensland's agriculture sector. The delivery of necessary skills and training to farmers and those working within the sector is of particular importance to ensure legislative compliance, workplace health and safety, and a successful career in agriculture. However, recent changes to chemical usage legislation have created a significant anomaly that applies to chemical use and licensing for some agricultural applicators using ground distribution equipment in designated 'Hazardous Areas', and thereby needs to be resolved. More... 


North Queensland's Big Rocks Weir could cost twice as much as initial estimate, business case finds

19 August 2020 | ABC

A 10,000 megalitre weir at Charters Towers in north Queensland could cost twice the originally estimated price tag.

A business case prepared for project lobbyist Townsville Enterprise by KPMG has found extra cash could be needed to complete the build of Big Rocks Weir. More...

Mining and agricultural activities linked in reef regulations

17 August 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Controversial reef regulation amendments have sparked a rift within the LNP with Callide MP Colin Boyce sensationally crossing the floor of parliament last week to vote against the bill his party voted in favour of. More...


CSIRO's mission to solve biggest ag issues with practical science

18 August 2020 | Farm Online

Australia's national science agency has launched three "missions", dedicated providing solutions to the biggest challenges facing the agriculture industry.

The CSIRO missions will involve large scale, major scientific and collaborative research initiatives, with a focus on outcomes that lead to positive impacts. More...

NFF: Why Australian ag must be carbon neutral by 2050

20 August 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Getting the answers while setting targets is a tricky approach, but every business owner knows we don't always have all the answers, even when we know where we need to go.

In uncertain times setting a target to aspire to is important. It gives a point of focus.

While collectively managing the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must also have an eye for the future and agriculture's role in accelerating the nation's recovery.

A recovery process that will include a plan for how we tackle another wicked problem - climate change. More...

National Farmers Federation adopt carbon neutral by 2050 policy

20 August 2020 | Farm Online

Australia's peak farm body has thrown its weight behind an aspirational economy-wide target of net carbon zero emissions by 2050.

National Farmers' Federation (NFF) members voted in favour of the landmark policy, which includes strict caveats regarding fair implementation and economic viability. More...


Grains Australia officially launched

14 August 2020 | Farm Online

The long  awaited grains sector industry peak body Grains Australia has finally been officially launched.

The organisation, set to perform a number of important functions such as trade and market access, commodity variety classification, market information and education will feature industry veteran Terry
Enright as its inaugural chairman. More...


Industry-led approach to grow Queensland agritourism

21 August 2020 | QFF

Queensland’s emerging agritourism sector requires support to develop and grow through an industry-led approach that would embrace a direct connection between farmers and consumers to share where our state’s high quality food, fibre and foliage comes from and how it is produced. More...



Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
16 Aug 2020 Mossman 266,818
16 Aug 2020 Tableland 282,270 14.49 13.93
16 Aug 2020 Mulgrave 437,323   11.90  11.28
16 Aug 2020 South Johnstone 397,122 12.13 11.68
14 Aug 2020 Tully 798,499 12.76 12.01
15 Aug 2020 Victoria 900,002 12.54 11.81
15 Aug 2020 Macknade 400,804
15 Aug 2020 Invicta 1,188,127 14.20 13.29
15 Aug 2020 Pioneer 494,205 14.82 13.74
15 Aug 2020 Kalamia 517,897 13.90 13.45
15 Aug 2020 Inkerman 550,686 14.50 13.68
15 Aug 2020 Proserpine 434,141 13.81 13.12
16 Aug 2020 Mackay 1,712,445 13.65 12.70
15 Aug 2020 Plane Creek 396,884 13.70 12.80
16 Aug 2020 Bundaberg 412,825 14.34 14.04
16 Aug 2020 Isis 201,757 14.12 13.86
16 Aug 2020 Maryborough 114,205 14.64 13.75
9 Aug 2020 Rocky Point 27,985 12.91 12.74
16 Aug 2020 Harwood 169,940 11.04 10.49
16 Aug 2020 Broadwater 200,957 12.19 11.00
16 Aug 2020 Condong 175,901 10.75 10.58



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 18 August 2020

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 21 August 2020

Town Aug YTD
Mossman2.0 1637.8
Mareeba 9.0 474.4
Cairns 5.8 1242.0
 Gordonvale5.8 1242.0
Innisfail  116.12344.1
Tully 54.42821.6
Ingham 4.11578.5
Ayr 2.81024.0
Proserpine 19.6771.6
Mackay 32.81196.8 
Maryborough 24.4659.8
Ballina 48.21613.0
Yamba 64.21368.2

Models all link up and suggest wet spring for the east

19 August 2020 | Farm Online

A Llong time climate analyst said last week he had never seen such a strong push from forecasting models for a wetter than average spring for parts of eastern Australia.

Agriculture Victoria climate agronomist Dale Grey said the forecasting models were coming into agreement. More...


Chance of La Nina roughly three times normal likelihood

19 August 2020 | Queensland Country Life

The Bureau of Meteorology has raised its El Nino-Southern Oscillation Outlook to La Nina alert status, meaning the chance of a La Nina occurring this year has increased to 70 per cent, roughly three times the normal likelihood.

The Bureau's Manager of Climate Operations, Dr Andrew Watkins, said La Nina typically results in above-average winter-spring rainfall for Australia, particularly across eastern, central and northern regions. More...


Plan for drought while its raining

15 August 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Soaking rains have alleviated what was the most significant drought on record for many Australian farmers.

It means there is no better time to talk about drought management according to a climate scientist with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). More...




26 August 2020 - SRA 2020 Biosecurity Webinar Series