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30 October 2020




Sugar industry scholarships

28 October 2020 | Queensland Country Life

A scholarship that gives university students the chance to complete work placements at several Australian sugar mills has given Kristen Nel a stepping stone into a career with the nation's largest sugar miller.

Ms Nel commenced work as the process improvement engineer at Wilmar's Invicta Mill in January after completing her chemical engineering degree at QUT last year.

She applied for an Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship with the Sugar Research Institute while undertaking her engineering studies and was awarded the scholarship in recognition of her excellent results, drive and interest in the sugar industry. More...


Market & Grower Pricing Update - October 2020

26 October 2020 | QSL

The bulls made a welcome return to sugar markets in October as the new prompt ICE 11 contract, March 2021, rallied to peak at 14.94 c/lb. This in turn sparked increased grower pricing activity, with QSL 2020-Season Target Price orders filled as high as $445/ tonne actual during this period.

For more on what's been happening on the sugar market and what we're watching moving forward, read the latest QSL Monthly Market and Grower Pricing Update, available by clicking here.


'It will create jobs': Major parties promise cheaper water for Queensland farmers ahead of election

28 October 2020 | ABC

Bipartisan support has been given for cheaper water prices as the Queensland state election race enters the home stretch.

Labor joined the party to announce a 15 per cent reduction in water charges for farmers accessing the state-owned irrigation schemes, and half-price water specifically for fruit and vegetable growers. More...

Growers & Millers Unite to Safeguard Wide Bay-Burnett Sugar Jobs

28 October 2020 | ASMC

A rescue package to safeguard sugar industry jobs in the Wide Bay Burnett region hangs in the balance as the Queensland election looms, with industry leaders urging the Labor Party to commit funds before this weekend’s election. More...


Electricity price review for farmers welcomed by cane growers

30 October 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Agriculture specific power tariffs which the LNP has pledged to overhaul if successful at tomorrow's state election should not be confined to a demand-based structure if they are to deliver real savings.

That's the view of the peak sugarcane grower's organisation, who say the Productivity Commission should take an unhindered look at whatever structure would deliver the cheapest prices for irrigators. More...

Paradise Dam wall reduction stoush continues

27 October 2020 | Queensland Country Life

With the state election just days away, a war of words between the major parties over the structural integrity of Paradise Dam in the Wide Bay-Burnett region continues.

The 300,000 megalitre Paradise Dam wall was slated to be reduced by five metres from May 2020, after Sunwater raised safety concerns about the dam wall's integrity, effectively reducing the capacity of the dam. More....

Students find sweet positives in carbon-negative hydrogen

23 October 2020 | UQ News

Final-year chemical engineering students at The University of Queensland are investigating how sugarcane can be used as a clean energy source to create hydrogen.

Professor Damien Batstone said bagasse and other agricultural residues were an abundant resource that could generate “green” or carbon-negative hydrogen at scale. More...




Lack of vision for agriculture and forestry ahead of Queensland election

28 October 2020 | QFF

Peak Queensland agriculture and forest industry bodies have been left with more questions than answers ahead of this weekend’s state election, after political parties vying for public office have announced policies impacting the sector without providing sufficient details. More...


Fall armyworm found at St George, Chinchilla and in the Lockyer Valley

30 October 2020 | Queensland Country Life

The threat posed by fall armyworm to Queensland's crop production has intensified, after the invasive pest was found at St George, Chinchilla and in the Lockyer Valley.

Fall armyworm has been spreading across the nation after it was first detected in January on two Torres Strait islands before it arrived on the mainland at Bamaga in February.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries principal entomologist Dr Melina Miles said southern Queensland farmers need to be on high alert. More...

Labour shortage leads to work on harvest trail, but how do you find a job and what is it like?

26 October 2020 | ABC

With unemployment soaring in the cities and a worker shortage hampering a big harvest in the country, a lot of people are thinking about getting on the harvest trail.

Farmers are finding Australian workers from all walks of life now that the supply of foreign workers and backpackers has dried up. More...

Investment in soil renovation pays off

26 October 2020 | Farm Weekly

It really doesn't matter how much you embrace changing technology. The important point is whether that technology is delivering a return on investment.

And when the return on investment question was posed to Wongan Hills farm manager Brad West about the farm's purchase of two six metre Bednar Terraland chisel ploughs in 2019, the answer was short. More...


City farming on rise as COVID-19 makes people rethink how they source their food

25 October 2020 | ABC

Urban farmer Rachel Rubenstein thinks the coronavirus pandemic, which has shut down major cities, state and international borders, is a chance to rethink where we get our food from.

Local car parks, median strips and rooftops, golf courses and even public parks — they're just some of the ideas she and her city farming friends are throwing around as potential places to grow food. More...



Week Mill Crush (t) %CSS
Date STD Week STD
30 Oct 2020 Mossman 624,102
25 Oct 2020 Tableland 535,381 14.75 14.29
25 Oct 2020 Mulgrave 1,005,073   12.63 12.02
25 Oct 2020 South Johnstone 1,053,918 12.19 12.21
30 Oct 2020 Tully 1,962,033 13.65 12.82
24 Oct 2020 Victoria 2,265,573 14.28 12.97
24 Oct 2020 Macknade 1,035,149
24 Oct 2020 Invicta 2,712,790 5.591 14.43
24 Oct 2020 Pioneer 1,291,610 15.71 14.89
24 Oct 2020 Kalamia 1,270,746 15.20 14.37
24 Oct 2020 Inkerman 1,292,988 15.79 14.62
24 Oct 2020 Proserpine 1,326,444 15.41 14.20
25 Oct 2020 Mackay 3,898,704 15.87 14.01
24 Oct 2020 Plane Creek 1,024,683 15.83 14.06
25 Oct 2020 Bundaberg 1,039,258 16.21 14.67
25 Oct 2020 Maryborough 498,757 15.23 14.36
Rocky Point
25 Oct 2020 Harwood 428,746 12.76 11.62
25 Oct 2020 Broadwater 539,642 13.35 12.01
25 Oct 2020 Condong 399,033 12.36 11.43



Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 27 October 2020

Rainfall Statistics

Week Ending 30 October 2020

Town Oct YTD
 Mossman 0.81702.2
Mareeba  4.2480.0
Cairns 6.81311.6
Innisfail 33.83116.4
Tully 33.83116.4
Ingham 16.91630.0
Ayr 11.81035.8
Proserpine 35.2813.4
Mackay 33.01242.8
Maryborough 35.8746.8
Ballina 88.61754.2
Yamba 46.61472.6

Modelling shows limited November rain

29 October 2020 | Queensland Country Life

November may be being talked up as a month of above average rainfalls, but forecast mapping shows only limited totals for much of Queensland.

Modelling released by the Bureau of Meteorology on October 29 shows big areas of Queensland receiving in the 20-25mm range, with some 50mm events mainly on the Darling Downs, Burnett and the Wide Bay. More...


La Nina event could briefly hit 2010 levels but less flooding expected

29 October 2020 | Farm Online

The eagerly anticipated La Nina weather event, which has been partially responsible for the good rainfall in many regions over spring is now in danger of overstaying its welcome with some.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) this week announced the La Nina event current in place in the tropical Pacific Ocean was likely to continue until at least February 2021. More...

BOM predicts next fortnight will be wetter than average for parts of Queensland

28 October 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Central Queensland was blessed with an extensive cloud band with embedded thunderstorms this week, with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting more severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall across eastern and southern parts of Queensland. More...