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17 April 2020




Bundaberg Rum ensures alcohol and hand sanitiser are available for Queensland

16 April 2020 | Queensland Country Life

Queensland's iconic alcohol distillers are joining the fight against COVID-19, and they're not just ensuring bottleos remain well stocked during the enforced lockdown.

Instead, the producers of Bundy Rum, among others, are turning to the production of ethanol to manufacture hand sanitiser which is in short supply across the state.

Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said Beenleigh Rum Distillery and Bundaberg Rum Distillery had started producing hand sanitiser las month, using existing production lines and staff. More...

Idealpak’s Sugarcane Tubes offer a new green packaging option

14 Apr 2020 | Cosmetics Business

Idealpak’s sugarcane tubes are made from bio-plastic derived from 100% renewable resource—sugarcane. They have the same structure and function as the traditional tubes and there is no difference in the properties. More...


Farm hygiene with COVID-19

15 April 2020 | SRA

A number of growers have queried SRA regarding decontaminating surfaces in machines such as cabs of tractors and harvesters in relation to COVID-19. SRA’s Leader for Disease Management, Dr Rob Magarey, suggests the following, which incorporates advice from the World Health Organisation. More...


Agave a given in the dry tropics

12 April 2020 | North Queensland Register

Many university students waking up with a parched mouth and a thumping headache would attest to the likeness between tequila and rocket fuel.

It turns out they may not have been far off the mark, with researchers from three universities conducting a successful trial manufacturing biofuel from the agave plant, which is used in Mexico to make tequila. More...




How farmers and essential agricultural workers are protecting food security during COVID-19

13 April 2020 | ABC

Australian farmers and people working in agricultural industries are scrambling to protect food and fibre production from the threat of a COVID-19 shutdown. More...

Electricity prices report leaves farmers in the dark

2 April 2020 | QFF

Farming businesses on transitional and obsolete tariffs remain in the dark following the release of the Queensland Competition Authority’s (QCA) draft determination on 2020-201 regulated retail electricity prices for regional Queensland this week. More...

The Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance is asking for farmers’ help to resolve issues around labour availability and to ensure an agricultural workforce that is well resourced, fit for purpose and responsive by completing the Agriculture and Grazing Labour Forecast Survey. Have your say here


Farmers fortunate in coronavirus era, but still to be hurt by trade setbacks

6 April 2020 | Farm Online

Improving seasonal conditions, leaping grain prices, cheaper fuel and an export-friendly dollar won't be enough to keep Australian agriculture from being well bruised by the coronavirus cyclone. More...


Federal Government makes changes to agricultural visa programs

6 April 2020 | Farm Online

Fruit will be picked and farm-based backpackers can stay where they are, following a Federal Government announcement relaxing restrictions on agricultural visas for the duration of the pandemic. More...


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  • Health directive on weapons for primary producers
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Weekly Rainfall Update

for 7 days to 9 am 14 April 2020

Rainfall Statistics

Week ending 17 April 2020

Town Apr YTD
Mareeba 28.4410.6
Cairns 919.632.4
Innisfail 1514.1215.2
Tully 1458.4184.8
Ingham 1260.425.5
Ayr 797.6
Proserpine 564.26.2
Mackay 953.670.6
Maryborough 501.215.6 
Ballina 975.852.6
Yamba 943.458.8

Bushfire Royal Commission into Australia's harrowing 'Black Summer' begins in Canberra

16 April 2020 | ABC

Retired Air Chief Marshall Mark Binskin formally opened the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements in an online hearing from Canberra today. More...


More than 20 per cent of NSW out of or recovering from drought

16 April 2020 | Farm Online

Large sections of NSW are officially out of drought, or recovering for drought, providing a small ray of hope in these difficult times. More...